TXU To Install "At Least a Dozen" Electric-Car Charging Stations in Dallas, Fort Worth

And where, exactly, will TXU install these outlets? Dunno yet. I asked Sophia Stoller, TXU spokesperson, if she can provide the list following this morning's announcement, released in advance of a 5 p.m. press conference at the Automotive Building at Fair Park. Says Stoller, "We're working with both of the cities to determine where the best places are, where it makes most sense. Some will be in public places, some will be in private locations."

She suggested asking the spokepersons for Dallas and Fort Worth. Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall tells Unfair Park via e-mail, "TXU will provide the City with consultation by experienced vendors. They will assist City staff in selecting locations over the next few months." I called Fort Worth, and Bill Begley's looking into it.

Mayors Tom Leppert and Mike Moncrief will be at this afternoon's wingding, which comes three days after Half-Price Books announced it has installed a charging station at its Northwest Highway mothership. Leppert, as ever, is charged-up about today's big reveal: "This is an important step in developing the kind of infrastructure needed to provide cleaner transportation options for North Texans. Almost three-fourths of air pollution can be attributed to mobile sources, and electric vehicles have an important role to play in helping us reduce it."

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