Typo Our Ass

I had no idea till I saw FrontBurner just now--and big ups to our pal Aaron McGill for the link--that Richie Whitt's "two shits" made Gawker yesterday (not to mention AdRants and a host of other sites). Apparently, some folks think Richie made a typo; ah, not so much. More like "some of the most honest sportswriting we've ever seen," as Gawker puts it. A typo, though? Seriously? I guess some folks think we're a real newspaper in which you're not allowed to curse. Fat fuckin' chance, right, Patrick? --Robert Wilonsky

Update from Richie: He offers, in advance, the working lead for next week's column:

"Now that the Cowboys have lost in Carolina, the ship's about to hit the fan..."


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