Up in the Air? Not Exactly, As One Runway's Good to Go at Love Field. But the Other? Well ...

Below, in the comments, Brenda Marks wonders what the eff's going on at Love Field, where all is most definitely not clear. So I called Frank Librio, PIO at City Hall, to see what gives. He asked around and reports back: "The long runway's open" and can handle takeoffs and landings, but Southwest Airlines does not yet have its operations in full swing. Says Librio, that's scheduled to begin shortly -- sometime around noon.

Southwest says it'll have a spokesperson call back shortly with further info. Per its winter-weather advisory for Love Field: "We have cancelled all of our Wednesday morning flights to/from DAL. Our resumption of service is contingent upon the conditions of the runways, taxiways, other airport services, and city's infrastructure to/from the airport." Our message has been passed along, per the nice woman who answered the phone, since all of SWA's spokespeoples are "working remotely today."

As for the second Love Field runway: "We're working on clearing the shorter runway," says Librio, "but I don't know when that'll be open yet." Expect an update. At some point.

Update at 12:27 p.m.: Ashley Rogers at Southwest tells Unfair Park that the airline is "hoping to begin operations by 1 p.m." But she cautions: "That would be limited operations. We are hoping to get some flights in and out by 1 p.m."

When asked when SWA will be fully operational, she says: "It's too early for us to tell on that, just because of the weather that has moved through the whole system. It's a ripple effect. But as the day goes on, we hope to get up and running full operations later this evening, but we'll have to see how it goes."

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