Hang your head, radio inventer. Hang your head.

Upon Further Review, ESPN Radio’s Marconi Nomination a Tad, Um, Iffy

Last week I congratulated 103.3 FM ESPN Radio for its 2008 Marconi Award nomination. I suppose it’s still somewhat of an honor, but after a little digging around I’d like to soften my back-patting and retract at least some of my confetti.

In this item I wondered aloud how 1310 AM The Ticket could win “Sports Station of the Year” in ’07 and not even get nominated in ’08. Seems as silly as a hot chick winning Miss America one year then being prevented from defending her crown the next. What, she went from Phyllis George to Phyllis Diller in 365 days?

Thanks to a tip from a loyal Sportatorium-ite(?), I investigated.

Sure enough, similarly flawed rules are in place at the National Association of Broadcasters. Reads the generic Marconi Award online application: “Stations and personalities who won a 2007 Marconi cannot be nominated in the same category until 2009.” That means none of last year’s champs – including The Ticket – were eligible to be in Austin for last month’s banquet.

Great for business. Awful for credibility.

And you thought the NFL bred parity?

It’s not exactly Elizabeth Albanese and her corrupt Katie's, but it’s shady nonetheless. Okay, would you settle for slightly deceptive? I mean, if you’re great two years in a row, don’t you deserve to be recognized two years in a row?

The lunacy goes deeper. As in, how bogus is an award if you can nominate yourself?

I have it on very good authority that ESPN Radio management, in fact, did enter itself into the competition a week before the deadline.

The Marconi Awards: No dynasties. Or integrity. – Richie Whitt

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