Tiger Woods is not only a great golfer, but also a foot rest.

U.S., Say What?

Looking for some good ol' American athletic domination. Hmm, where to start.

Soccer? Nope, didn't win a single game in last summer's World Cup. Baseball? Failed to even qualify for the last Olympics. How 'bout basketball, a sport we friggin' invented. Um, notsomuch. While you were still trying to digest the men's stunning loss to Greece at last month's World Championships, our women's National Team duplicated the embarrassment yesterday. Snapping a 51-game winning streak in international competition, the U.S. lost to Russia in the semifinals of the World Championships in Brazil. OK, so what about tennis? Nyet. Before your coffee had finished percolating this morning, the Americans fell into an 0-2 hole against that damned Russia--who says the Cold War's over?--in the semifinals of the Davis Cup.

So, we can't count on Andy Roddick or James Blake or Sheryl Swoopes. Surely, we can lean on Tiger Woods. Right? Sorta. Woods won the first point of the day at golf's Ryder Cup, but, as usual, the European side rallied to take the early edge in the sport's marquee team competition. USA Network is televising the event with a five-hour delay. If you, like me, can't stand the feeling of not knowing, you can go here to watch live streaming from Ireland. I guess, if all else fails, we can cheer for America's Team. Guaranteed, the Cowboys won't lose this weekend. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.