Using Cal Jillson, Like Everyone Else, to Get to Sarah Palin's Sportscast

Cal Jillson

Cal Jillson, political science prof at SMU, must have a Batphone in his office -- that, or a cell-phone implant. Man's quoted more often than the Bible, Mark Twain and The Big Lebowski combined. Just this week you can find him talking about local law enforcement groups' endorsement of Republican challenger Lowell Cannaday for Dallas County Sheriff; the Democratic National Convention in Denver; the possible contents of a George W. Bush autobiography; Gustav's potential impact on the GOP convention in Minnesota; Rudy Giuliani's selection as a keynote speaker at the convention (he's since been dropped). And, well, the list is endless.

SMU's Web site even features a page full of Cal Jillson's Notable Quotes, as well as journalists' endorsements. Today he provides his latest pronouncement, concerning Sarah Palin's selection as John McCain's running mate last week and subsequent revelations: "I think there is significant reason for the campaign and Republicans to worry about what might be coming next." By which Jillson is no doubt referring to her use of the phrase "beaver round-up." And boom goes the dynamite. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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