Nathan Berg: UTD professor and protest singer

UTD "Protest" Prof Would Rather Talk About Economy Than Sing About It

We've mentioned University of Texas at Dallas associate economics professor Nathan Berg twice: in November of last year, when he co-authored the report Access to Grocery Stores and Food Security in Dallas for the J. McDonald Williams Institute; and in March of this year, when his band, the Halliburton(s), played Dealey Plaza on the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. It was his part-time gig that yesterday landed Berg in the Contra Costa Times, which wondered why there weren't more protest singers raising hell in the weeks before the election. As far as Berg's concerned, look, singing's awesome and all, especially in Europe, but "I'm feeling my time is better spent speaking as an economist and social scientist." Which is just what Eddie Vedder said. --Robert Wilonsky

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