Look ma, no feet?!

Victory Park Continues Getting All Sporty

On a nightly basis you can head down to Victory Park’s plaza and watch Pete Delkus spar with Dale Hansen. And earlier this week it was the Mavericks’ Jason Terry trying to hit golf balls to the moon. Now? Would you believe motorcycle jumping?

With a big assist from new-and-apparently-ambitious-and-X-Gamesy intern Spencer Campbell, it’s come to my attention that this afternoon at 3 motorcycles will be flying a couple hours before Dale ‘n Delkus release their nightly barbs.

You know you’re jonesing for a little motocross. You get the shakes just waiting for Travis Pastrana and The Red Bull X-Fighters’ (isn’t that a Star Wars thing?) big gig this June 14 in Fort Worth. Either that, or you need a trip to the methadone clinic to help calm those tremors, dude.

If your excitement is natural and not medicinal, the cure is watching The X-Fighters put on a demonstration featuring some of their top riders, including Robbie Maddison, the daredevil/nut who jumped a world-record 322 feet last New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

As if that’s not enough, head over to the American Airlines Center’s Red Bull Club for the after-party and, who knows, down a couple or six Red Bull and Jagermeisters? Maybe a nice Red Bull and milk?

I hung out with these daredevils back in the fall. And all I know is if you don’t want to piss off a guy who’s crazy enough to hop on a crotch rocket and leap 322 feet. So have a Red Bull and something. -- Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.