Vote Early, Vote Often for "We Are Woodrow"

A Friend of Unfair Park with deep DISD roots forwards along the link to the We are Teachers Web site, where Woodrow Wilson High School's Michael Moran is among dozens of teachers from around the country competing for a Digital Learning Microgrant. And micro it is: $200 and a Flip Video camera, the two prizes awarded to the 10 teachers who receive the most votes in this open competition. Which, right, is why our Friend sends the link -- to rock the vote.

There may other locals on the list (it's not searchable by location), but at the moment, Moran does lead all contenders with 7.48 percent of the vote. So, how's he planning on using the loot? On a WWHS yearbook staff project titled "We Are Woodrow," which would be based on the "I Am Second" ad campaign but instead feature "a dynamic series of anecdotal videos that capture Woodrow's past, present, and future." The videos would be used, in part, in the school's "Choose Woodrow" campaign, Moran writes: "Sharing and hearing other testimonials may keep more kids on track." I wonder how Rod Dreher feels about this.

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