Overhead electric lines spark near DART's Downtown Carrollton Green Line station.
Overhead electric lines spark near DART's Downtown Carrollton Green Line station.
Blake Taylor via Youtube

Watch Sparks Fly and an Evacuation as DART Train Gets Stuck on Bridge in Carrollton

We've been highly critical of DART's handling of winter weather here at Unfair Park. The agency's cuts to bus service during inclement weather leave Dallas without adequate public transit at the time when it's most needed.

That being said, the limits Winter Weather Scenario One places on rail service make sense, given the limitations of trains powered by overhead electrical lines. Last night's ordeal endured by a train full of passengers who got stuck near downtown Carrollton show why.

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When the electric overhead lines get coated in ice, sparks fly and trains stop. At about 7 p.m. on Wednesday, tweets started streaming in documenting the fate of a northbound Green Line train that stopped on the bridge that connects the Farmers Branch and Downtown Carrollton stations.

According to passengers on the train, it lost power, leaving everyone on board cold and increasingly cranky.

Eventually, following repeated assurances from DART's Twitter account that "the situation is of the utmost importance. People are there evaluating the most effective & safest solution," passengers were evacuated from the train.

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