We Just Made Our Commenting System Even More Awesome Than it Totally Was

It's safe to say that Livefyre, that fancy new commenting system we rolled out four months ago, has been an unqualified success. Sure, there were some technical hiccups at the beginning and some ongoing cries of anguish from the comment section, but what you haven't seen are the mountains of fan mail -- thoughtful, hand-written missives in real stamped envelopes -- that litter our desks. I really love how my typos are etched in stone and can't be edited! they say. How much did you pay for this thing? Not enough, I'll tell you that!

Still, even perfect can get perfecter. So starting today, you can embed things from Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and Spotify. You can also add links and -- we're pretty sure this one will revolutionize the Internet -- bold, italicize and/or underline text.

Otherwise, all the features you have come to know and love -- the anonymity, the seamless interface, etc. -- are there. Except for the typos. In a shameless pander to our online correspondents, you can now edit your posts. In other words, you'd better get busy. You've got four months of typos to correct.

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