Jennifer Lopez, your new KXAS meteorologist

Weather or Not You Like It, Channel 5 Has a New Meteorologist

This morning, Uncle Barky and KXAS-Channel 5 revealed the NBC affiliate's replacement for ousted meteorologist Rebecca Miller: The Weather Channel's Jennifer Lopez, an eight-year vet of the channel only watched in hotel rooms. Funny coincidence, though: On the same day we learned of the new hire, legendary KXAS weatherman Harold Taft's daughter posted a comment to our original item about Miller's firing -- which, amazingly, still gets commented upon several times a day. Writes Lori Galler Taft:

I am Harold Tafts daughter and from my stand point, What the hell is Channel 5 doing? I have watched Channel 5 for years and the newby's just don't seem to get that Texas loves their Channel 5 family. I still have many of the cards that were written when my father died. Nearly all of them stated how he was a part of their family every night. If you have watched Channel 5 for as long as I have its not family anymore. Rebecca, bless you and the best of luck.

Lopez begins her Channel 5 stint on June 16, for those so inclined to adopt. --Robert Wilonsky


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