He's no Kevin Garnett, but Chris Webber would be a fascinating off-season move for the Mavs, to say the very least.

Webber to Grill in Dallas?

ESPN.com's Marc Stein sends word today that Chris Webber may not be on the verge of retiring after all. Webber, who's already playedworn out his welcome with the Golden State Warriors, the Washington Bullets, the Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia 76'ers, was most recently seen getting bounced by the Cavs from the Eastern Conference Finals as a Detroit Piston. A man known for big numbers and big salaries since being drafted in '93, Webber still doesn't have a championship ring.

So, maybe he'll get one in ... Dallas? Writes Stein, Webber either wants to re-sign with the Pistons or become a member of Your Dallas Mavericks. And "the Mavs are giving Webber a good look, too," writes Stein, "since he'd instantly become the best passer they have if they signed him." And best-known player, no doubt. Say, anyone else remember that it was against the Mavs in the second game of the '03 Western Conference semis that Webber suffered a post-season-ending knee injury that nearly ended his career? I bet Webber does. --Robert Wilonsky

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