Weekend Wrap

This was the weekend to talk about talking like a pirate, swill giant brews in Addison and kiss your summer goodbye. Course, that also means it's nearly time for chicken-fried bacon at the fair -- three days and counting, as Big Tex is put in his place this morning. Photos to come from that shortly. Till then, the weekend in review, more or less.

Down by White Rock Lake, these folks had a grand time at the Moon Lady Festival, with a drum circle, henna tattoos and this ceremony to usher in autumn. Looks like it worked.

All that and a metaphysical comic, though in one tragedy unrelated to the economy, the harpist didn't show:

Another fall ritual played out in Addison, where one of the largest Oktoberfests outside Munich ushered in, well, October, I guess. Along with carnival rides, there were dachsunds in ridiculous costumes and people dressed in same. Check out our slideshow for more of the fun. Not included: the beer-spewing septuagenarian in a yodeler's hat, whose lunch landed just shy of the kiddie table. Trust me, though, we're all better off without seeing that again.

Tens of thousands turned out along Cedar Springs Road for Dallas' 25th annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. Our slide show is here, and here's one more select shot off Flickr. --Patrick Michels

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