Well, Hello, Dalai: The Twelfth Son of the Lama Rolls In to Give His SMU Lecture Today

New Observer-er Leslie Minora was headed out to an interview moments ago when she got stuck waiting for a mini-motorcade passing in front of Unfair Park HQ on Maple Ave. She asked a Dallas Police officer what was going on. He told her: Why, that's the Dalai Lama! Oh, right. That's today, innit.

Sure is -- and I know of at least a handful of Friends of Unfair Park who managed to snag ducats for his 2:30 appearance on The Hilltop. But to those who can't make it to the SMU campus for the McFarlin Auditorium appearance, keep in mind: The university will stream the lecture live, flowing robes and all. Right here. And remember: When you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.

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