Well, That Didn't Last Long: Kidrobot's Done Toying Around in Mockingbird Station

Seems like only yesterday we were at the grand opening of Kidrobot in Mockingbird Station; so too Erykah Badu. But less than a year later, it's the grand adios: According to the store's blog today, it's closing at the end of the month.

I spoke to someone there today, and The Official Word is that Kidrobot's Dallas location was a so-called pop-up shop -- meaning, there was always the likelihood that it'd go bye-bye at some point. "We're surprised we've been here almost a year," said the nice woman to whom I spoke. First I've heard of it -- no one called it a "pop-up shop" last summer, when we ran the first of many sneak peeks at the growed-up's toy store.

Still, what's done is done -- chiefly, Kidrobot. "It's a bummer," says the staffer. "We didn't know how long we'd be around, but we knew this might happen eventually."

The good news? That going-outta-business sale.

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