Well, That's Why They Call it "F?tbol."

Not even the appearance of former Jesuit star Kenny Cooper was enough to make yesterday's soccer game in Frisco worth attending...or watching.

Sounds like yesterday's soccer game between the U.S. and Guatemalan national teams was a snoozer at Frisco's Pizza Hut Park. The crowd got up when local star Kenny Cooper, who played high school soccer at Jesuit, entered the game in the 59th minute, but other than that there wasn't a lot to cheer about. The U.S. came into the game 3-0 this year, but couldn't muster more than a scoreless draw against lowly Guatemala, an effort that left interim U.S. coach Bob Bradley "disgusted and angry."

What's most interesting about the game, perhaps, is the attendance figure: 10,932. Not bad, until you consider that on the same night, the Mexican national team was playing in Oakland and drew 47, 416. The game, against Ecuador, was sold out two weeks in advance, prompting The Los Angeles Times to note in today's edition that "the argument could be made -- and quite forcibly too -- that the most popular soccer team in the U.S. these days is Mexico." Consider this: The Mexican national team has played three times on American soil this year, and three times they have sold out (including two sell-outs of 60,000 plus). When they lost to the United States in February they were essentially playing in front of a home crowd -- even though the game was in Phoenix. --Jesse Hyde

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