Well, This is One Way to Clean the Inside of a Plane: Go Green! Right, Southwest?

Southwest Airlines had its Media Day today, so expect myriad deep-think pieces in coming hours about the Love Field-based carrier's newfangled "Green Plane." Um, which is ...? Well, here's the press release that inventories all the "environmentally friendly interior materials" being used, among them Flor carpet panels, a "Life Vest Pouch" and "Passenger Seat Rub Strips," which aren't nearly as kick-ass as they sound. Then there's the time-lapse video above, which plays better if you turn down the sound and crank up -- you guessed it -- "Yakety Sax." Maybe American Airlines (oh, poor American Airlines) oughta try the same thing -- if nothing else, it'd guarantee at least one clean plane in the fleet.


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