What Does Channel 11 Have Against John McCain, Anyway?

The Dallas Police Department's Web site isn't up at the moment, and they dunno when it'll be operational again. KTVT-Channel 11 knows why: Because the site was hacked yesterday with anti-gummint sloganeering and artwork courtesy hackers identifying themselves as "s2rangers from Russia," which was also an underrated early-1980s ABC sitcom. It does help if you read the text in a Russian accent: "Your society has rotted through and through! You under control of religious fanatics! Your children kill each other at school!"

There are several versions of this story floating around this a.m., but KTVT's Web site is the only place to see the screen grabs. And, if you'll read the fine print, their editors did an excellent job of eradicating the F-bombs -- except in one particular instance, which, perhaps, suggests how someone at Channel 11 really feels about poor ol' John McCain. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Looks like someone at KTVT caught wind of their editing boo-boo. So, after the jump, the defaced DPD Web site as it originally appeared on Channel 11's site this morning.

What Does Channel 11 Have Against John McCain, Anyway?

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