Dallas Independent School District
Round about this time yesterday, Michael Hinojosa thought he just might be leaving for Las Vegas.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Dallas: Clark County Decides Not to Bet on DISD's Hinojosa

No doubt you've heard: Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa's staying. Not because he wanted to; not necessarily. The entirety of the Clark County School District's board, save for one trustee, voted instead to go with Colorado Education Commissioner Dwight Jones -- despite a couple of concerns

spelled out in the Denver Post this morning

, and despite his former affiliation with Edison Schools,

with which DISD once had a bad experience

. And the one Clark County trustee who voted against Jones didn't say she preferred Hinojosa -- she just thought, well, "

I'm not comfortable moving that fast

" on


, despite spending months searching for a super.

Said a trustee who voted for Jones

: "We need someone who constantly focuses on kids, not on politics, not on community partners, but on kids, 360 degrees."

And so Hinojosa stays -- for five more years, or thereabouts, just as soon as he signs the trustees' contract extension given last week after a 5-4 vote. And he's thrilled, seriously: "I'm competitive, I'm a coach. Everybody likes to win, but I'm not disappointed. I'm excited that I'm re-energized for five more years in Dallas." Question is: Is everyone else?

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