What Happens to the Score When a High School Football Game Is Called For Fighting?

I had big money on the outcome of last night's Kimball-A. Maceo Smith game at James Jones Field, but now what? Because this morning we got word that the showdown in Southwest Dallas was shutdown by the refs midway through the third quarter. Still not sure exactly what happened, except that a fight broke out involving players from both schools -- but "it did not involve all of the kids from both teams," Dallas Independent School District spokesman Jon Dahlander tells Unfair Park.

"We're still investigating to find out exactly what happened, how it started, who's responsible, disciplinary action, that kind of  thing," says Dahlander. "It was bad enough that it happened during the third quarter, and the officials finally decided, after they started kicking people out of the game, they finally decided, 'You know what? We're just gonna call it right now,' and they canceled the game and called it right there."

We'd heard that it got so heated that, at some point, gun play was involved. Dahlander says "absolutely not," but that, yeah, there was "another incident not involving students" down the street from the game. "Away from the field there was some kind of shooting at a car, and that car eventually came down and ran into the baseball field nearby, but it had nothing to do with the game or the kids." (Update: Dallas Police spokesman Kevin Janse sends words that DISD police called DPD after a man shot a pistol into the air "three to four times." The suspect wasn't caught.)

Oh, and Kimball led 6-0 when the game was called. No word on how this gets marked down in the record books. But, see, this is what happens when you play high school football on Thursday nights.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.