What the Hell is Gary Griffith Thinking?

Why do I (and the rest of the city, sooner or later) ask? Well, have you seen his new TV spot? No? Then, by all means, take a look, and then ask yourself, "What the eff does a tank cruising down a street in Iraq have to do with the Dallas mayor's race?" (If you answered, "Nothing," then consider yourself an informed voter.)

Actually, I think the first line of the spot says it all: "My political advisors have told me not to say this." Then he says it anyway: Gary Griffith hearts Rudy Giuliani. Why? No idea. Not a clue, except maybe Griffith's outing himself as a Republican. Shocking. Stick to the cheese, Gary. Or lay off it. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: I see on Bold Types that Dave Levinthal, whilst peeking at mayoral candidate campaign finance reports filed today, discovered that the Bracewell & Giuliani Committee did indeed donate money to the Dallas race. Only, Rudy's law firm gave $2,500 to...Tom Leppert. If I may quote Don Cheadle in Out of Sight: Whoops.


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