Whatever Rick Perry's Plans Are, Being Tough on Abortion Seems Very Important to Them

Later today, Governor Rick Perry will take the stage in San Antonio and tell the world of his future plans, while cable-news producers "real" and "fake" wait with bated office-coffee breath. The Morning News on Sunday laid out the pros and cons of three possible scenarios -- retirement, re-election or a run for president -- while ignoring the obvious fourth choice, in which Perry bribes Johnny Football to let him move into his off-campus house for a stunt memoir tentatively titled Oops Did It Again: A Yell Leader's Return.

To promote today's announcement, Perry went on Fox News' Sunday-morning gabfest and was subjected to a smart, tough interview about his plans, his popularity, and his quest to give Texas some of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws.

As you'll see in the video above, Perry kept coming back to that last part, making sure never to stray too far from his A material: "We can be in and out of here in 10 days ..." he said of the special session he called to pass the restrictions. "This is gonna pass. I'm pretty good at counting votes, and I think the vote is there."

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