What's the Good Word, Mayor Tom?

There have been many, many parodies of Shepard Fairey's Obama "Hope" posters, few of which elicit even the faintest hint of a giggle. (Always did like the Luke Skywalker "New Hope" version, though the execution doesn't top the concept.) What you see above is, of course, our version courtesy Observer art director Alexander Flores, who spent many hours with Sam Merten's photo of Mayor Tom Leppert to offer up this meticulously crafted homage, far as you know.

Alas, the question mark is there because we've decided to leave the verbiage up to a Friend of Unfair Park. Leave your suggestions in the comments; the winner walks away with an 13-by-19-inch archival print suitable for framing. But before you begin, a word or two of caution: You can skip the obvious and the inflammatory -- because, look, we're thinking Unfair Park posters and tees, just maybe. And ... go. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: There are several strong contenders, but we're going to keep the polls open till the morning -- late-night inspiration and so forth, especially tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll debut the poster bearing the winning word -- though, never know, could be three or four in a series. Again, though, we're not looking for mean, just definitive. Bang-up job thus far. Thank you.

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