"When America Is On Its Knees": Some Jeffress, Perry Video Before the Iowa Caucus Results

We're about four hours away from finding out who won those long, hard-fought caucuses in Iowa, which Rick Perry is trying like holy hell to win based on the newly minted video you'll find on the other side. It's quite the stars-and-stripes-and-church-cross spectacular -- like something Jerry Bruckheimer might have produced for an apocalyptic thriller starring Josh Brolin, Kirk Cameron and Robert Jeffress. It'll be a sad day when he leaves the campaign trail and heads back to Austin.

But Perry pal Jeffress went on FOX & Friends (oh, Gretchen) this morning to remind True Believers in Iowa they don't have to vote for Mitt Romney, that cult member. Says First Baptist Dallas's leader: "Anyone is electable if they get enough votes." Well, yeah.

Update: After his dismal, fifth-place showing in Iowa, Perry's headed back to Austin for "a little prayer and a little reflection." Good luck with all that.

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Robert Wilonsky
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