When Bad News is Good News!

This morning, Dallas Morning News publisher Jim Moroney sent this missive to the remaining, what, 450 folks helping their pals pack their desks at Dallas' Only Daily. Turns out, when 111 people are asked to git, it's sad...and exciting!

"This week, we say farewell and thank you to a number of our newsroom colleagues and friends. We say farewell because these talented men and women will do just that. They will fare well as they continue to make important contributions in their chosen endeavors. I hope most of them will continue to pursue journalism. Communities across the country need dedicated journalists and our country's democracy depends on them. We say thank you because the same men and women have made important and lasting contributions to The Dallas Morning News and the journalism we publish. Over the years, they have helped describe and shape the place we call home. I am grateful for the difference they have made.

This moment also marks the time when we will renew in earnest The News' transition from old to new media. It is a transition that must completely permeate our culture. From newest recruit to most senior employee, we need to embrace digital media for what it is: an incredible opportunity to extend the reach and influence of the journalism we publish to larger audiences than at anytime in our 121-year history.

Yes, more change is coming. Change will be a constant part of our working lives as we make a steady transition to a digitally centered media organization. Yet this transition represents an immense opportunity to perpetuate and grow The News' journalistic legacy. Our newsroom employees are looking to the future, and we'll be announcing exciting steps that help accelerate this transition in the coming weeks."

--Robert Wilonsky

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