"Where the Whiskey Drowns and the Beer Chases"

Screw Rock Star: Supernova. We're thinkin' we prefer our karaoke live...like, in person.

Last Wednesday, we ventured into the world of live backing bands with Rock Star Karaoke hosted by the lovely and vivacious Jenn Nabb. Good thing we did when we did--the karaoksters got the boot from Lakewood Bar & Grill and are looking for new weekly digs. Shame, since there's something so empowering about fronting an actual rock band...even for a three-minute rendition of "Heartbreaker." Yeah, it's true.

In a shocking turn of events, we ended up last night at another karaoke throw-down, this time at The Goat on Gaston Avenue. This event was more of your basic karaoke sort, complete with multiple notebooks of page-protected lists for perusal. And it could just be the drinks last night or the hangover today, but we still can't figure out this song option: The Chicken Dance (Instrumental)

Now, last we checked, karaoke provided backing music for, you know, singing.

Oh well, regardless of the random instrumentals, the talent shone, pantomime was employed by several and Aerosmith's "Cryin'" was shamelessly butchered in a seriously awesome way. Karaoke at its finest. --Merritt Martin

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