Where Was The Census Question That Asked If You Wanted Plastic Surgery On Your Butt?

Maybe the reason so many people avoided the census workers coming to their doors was because they didn't want to tell strangers about self-esteem issues related to the appearance of their own asses -- a question I must have missed when I filled out the paper version. I'm not sure how else the

esteemed Dr. Bill Johnson of Grapevine's Innovations Medical

could possibly know that a procedure called a "butt lift" is going to become

more popular among Hispanic people

starting this year.

PR Newswire, where I get all my breaking news about unprovable, junk science crap that doesn't matter one iota, has the scoop about a procedure that "creates the so-called 'Brazilian Butt' made popular by many Latin performers and models." No? Doesn't sound familiar? Just because you haven't heard of the term "Brazilian Butt" doesn't mean you can't start feeling bad about your own non-Brazilian Butt immediately. But don't worry, Dr. Bill can help!

As Dr. Johnson explains to each client, fat transfer has numerous advantages over surgical implants: it has a quicker recovery time; it involves no foreign device being introduced to the body and almost always produces a more natural look and feel.

Recording Artist and Actress Jennifer Lopez (JLo) helped make the "Butt Lift" concept popular. When results of the 2010 Census arrive, many experts predict growing Hispanic demographics will drive more and more U.S. products and services designed to attract Latin clients. This is one.

Presumably it would be white people, who are not born with (JLo) style asses, who'd want to get this assurgery, what with Latino people probably already sharing some physical characteristics with "many Latin performers and models." But who am I to question Dr. Bill Johnson? He's been the subject of at least one journotisement on CBS-11 earlier this year, so I reckon he knows his stuff. And he's so good at explaining it for our little ladybrains!

"We have seen demand for the Brazilian Lift really skyrocket in the last year," says Dr. Bill Johnson at Innovations Medical in Dallas, "because women understand that this process is easier, safer and more affordable than having an implant. And when the 2010 Census results are released, I  think we'll see how important the Hispanic market is for this type of cosmetic procedure."

See how that works? Watch him splain you some more on Good Morning Texas. And if you're still on the fence about the assuction, I recommend trying a BootyPop in the meantime.

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