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Wherein a For-Sale Deep Ellum Building Leads Us to Discuss the Future of CBD-Fair Park Link

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I see that the old Dallas Brake & Clutch building on Main and Exposition, which dates back to circa-1930, hopped on LoopNet just yesterday. My dad, a parts man from way back, has fond memories of the building, which hasn't been the B&C for the last few years. Its 16,202 square feet can be all yours for $710,000 -- which is only $440,000 more than its 2010 certified value courtesy the Dallas County Appraisal District.

And then there is this one interesting note contained within the Coldwell Banker ad:

Dallas has plans to widen Exposition Blvd and the current drawing shows them acquiring most of the land between the building and Exposition.

Is this referring to the Central Business District-Fair Park Link? Tom Morris, a program manager in the city's Public Works and Transpiration Department, says that's absolutely correct: "The proposed alignment would require acquiring the parking area between the building and Exposition," he tells Unfair Park today. "It wouldn't touch the building itself. It's roughly between Main and Elm and verges off of Exposition -- and in the future, Exposition would be probably be abandoned."

Much more on the other side.

So, what happens if and when Exposition's abandoned?

"If it's abandoned," Morris says, "then abutting property owners would have the rights to purchase it, and it could be developed for any acceptable developments."

He was kind enough to send along two mammoth maps depicting the current alignment for the CBD-Fair Park Link, which will take place in two phases. (They can be downloaded here and here.) One of them's funded for construction, Morris says -- the Hall-to-Main route. The other, from Main almost to I-30, only has enough dough to cover conceptual design. Construction money for that stretch will have to come from future bond programs, he says. And when it's done, he says, "that's when Exposition would no longer be needed."

So when the long-discussed first phase will begin construction?

"Around the end of this year, and it's contingent upon successfully acquiring the property we need," he says. "Baylor's the biggest stakeholder, and we'd get the biggest portion from them, but some will private, including from Brake & Clutch, which would be trickier if the owner doesn't accept the offer." (As in ...)

Right now, he says, the city's doing its environmental assessments, then it'll call out an appraiser. After that, he says, the city will make offers based on the appraisals.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.