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Wherein Jose Canseco Completes His Transformation and Finally Becomes Dennis Rodman

Let's see, Jose Canseco comes to town seeking a pahdnuh to help him announce a new television reality show, and just whom does he seek out? This guy? Splendid guess, but no. Her? What would be the point? No, it's his old friend, radio talk-show host -- and, yeah, former Fort Worth mayoral candidate -- Richard Hunter.

Continuing one of the most quirky, provocative relationships in metroplex media history, Canseco will commandeer Big Dick Hunter's Wild Ass Circus airwaves this morning to announce the details of "A Day With Jose." Canseco's revelation comes at 9 a.m. on Live 105.3 Free FM -- where Big Dick is filling in this week for morning host Jagger -- and in person at Duke's Original Roadhouse, 2250 W. Airport Freeway in Bedford.

So, like, if you're entering your seventh of week of being "between jobs" or just fascinated by a Big Dick talking with a Big Dork, 'tis yo' lucky day. "We go back about five years, to when Jose was under house arrest in Miami," Hunter says. Every story should begin like that.

"I think our connection is that we're both eccentric and we're both outsiders," Hunter says. "When two people meet that are out of step with mainstream society, if they're the opposite sex they get married, and if they're the same sex they become buddies."

Canseco has made Hunter sorta famous. He co-hosted the WAC while under house arrest and flew to Dallas for the show — which was then on KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) -- immediately after testifying before a congressional panel investigating steroids in baseball in 2005.

And Hunter has made Canseco famous by ... Check that, Jose's infamous all by himself.

Canseco, who used his cranium to assist one of baseball's all-time memorable home runs as a Texas Ranger and named names in his controversial steroid autobiography Juiced, will tape his new show -- coming soon to a network to be named later -- with contestants chosen from on-line applications at Canseco's Web site. Six finalists will convene at Canseco's Hollywood pool, the eventual winner walking away with Jose's custom-designed 40/40 diamond ring, in honor of his remarkable 40-homer, 40-stolen bases season in 1988.

Sounds cheesy but, c'mon, people are glued to this crap. Surely they'll tune into steroids 'n' swimwear. Betcha a nickel Big Dick makes a guest appearance. --Richie Whitt

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