While Most of the Dems Hide Out at the W, Unopposed Helen Giddings Explains the Bill White-Craig Watkins Divide

It's been a relatively quiet night at the Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Club, where Democratic candidates or officeholders have been hard to spot. Heck, even party chair Darlene Ewing has been in hiding all night. The slim pickings thus far have included state Rep. Helen Giddings, who we're guessing isn't hiding out in a room at the W Hotel (yes, that's what everyone else is doing) because she's running unopposed. (Although, at this point, at least 442 folks were unhappy enough with her to cast write-in votes.)

We contacted Kurt Watkins, Craig's cousin and campaign manager, a while ago to see if we could run over to the W for a chat with the district attorney, but after saying he'd get back with us, we've heard nothing yet. Perhaps he, along with other officials, will be at the party's official "rally" that we're told should take place sometime around 10ish.

Until then, the American Classics are on stage and just wrapped up "Mustang Sally," and Giddings was nice enough to give us her thoughts on what appears to be trouble for many of the Democratic candidates for the Texas House.

"I'm certainly hopeful that some of these races will turn around," she told Unfair Park.

So how does she explain how Democrat Bill White is carrying the county while other Dems like Watkins are struggling?

"There's a sense of wanting change and getting rid of the people in office -- Republican or Democrat," she says, citing voters' frustrations with the economy and high unemployment.

And does she find it a bit defeatist for her fellow Dems to avoid the AAC like the plague?

"It's only human nature to want to know where you are and be prepared to answer questions from people like you," she says, stressing that they're "assessing" the situation.

More as it happens. In the meantime, cash bar sucks. And Eddie Bernice just walked in! Media frenzy!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.