White Rock Lake is Garbage: Photos of Litter-Choked Lake Will Hang at City Hall
Dylan Hollingsworth

White Rock Lake is Garbage: Photos of Litter-Choked Lake Will Hang at City Hall

You don't have to look terribly hard to find garbage at White Rock Lake: Plastic grocery bags, water bottles, plastic foam cups, lots and lots of beer cans, other stuff. It's so common it fades from consciousness, becomes part of the landscape, except of course when it becomes the entire landscape.

It's something we should think about more often, argues Annemarie Marek, president of the local nonprofit Shared FUEL. That's why the group curated "Trashing Our Treasure," a collection of photographs depicting garbage at White Rock Lake, from litter-choked shorelines to nomadic campgrounds used by the homeless.

"The exhibit's goal was to show the backdrop to the beauty to the lake," Marek says. "It's almost like the beauty and the beast."

The show features 10 photographs from a host of local artists, including Observer contributor Dylan Hollingsworth. It debuted last year at the Bath House Cultural Center and was well received. Now Shared FUEL is taking it to the lobby of City Hall. And by "now," I mean right now. When I spoke to Marek a bit ago, she was in the in the lobby helping set up. It'll be up until August 10.

And next time you're at White Rock, pick up a piece of trash, eh?

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