Whoever's Taking Over the Old Whole Foods on Lower Greenville Is in No Rush to Do So

I called Mitchell Rasansky Friday -- because, you may remember, I was supposed to. Last month, the former council member and co-owner of the former Whole Foods on Lower Greenville said that come October 21, we should know to whom he was leasing that space -- be it a Walmart or a whatever. But when Rasansky returned my ring late in the day, he insisted he actually told me to call back on November 25. No, I told him: "You said 45 days 45 days ago." Then Rasansky said: Well, it doesn't matter now.

"They've asked for a third extension," he said, without, of course, ever mentioning who they are. So, we'll keep on waiting till the day after Thanksgiving.

And that's all he'll say about that. Well, except this: I told Rasansky there's a rumor going around that he's leasing the space to a well-known local eatery. That, he insisted, is not true: "It's not a restaurant," he said. "I would never do that to the people in the neighborhood." So there. Better than nothing.

Oh -- and speaking of Lower Greenville, that proposed bowling alley next to Good Records will have its last shot at a specific use permit Wednesday in front of the city council.

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