Whoops: Because Of Our Blog Post, Now the Angelika in Plano Won't Run Atheist Ads Either

Movie theaters of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, do you never cease toying with the affections of local atheists? First it was Movie Tavern that backed out of showing the Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason's ad proclaiming their families are "Great Without Religion." Now it's the Angelika, which said just two days ago they would run the ad at their Plano location.

But a blog post I wrote about the Angelika's decision (possibly the part which quoted DFWCoR spokesperson Zachary Moore saying it was "an Easter miracle") apparently upset some people. Moore says he received a phone call this morning from a sales rep with Spotlight Cinema Networks, the company that manages ads for the Angelika chain, informing him they were pulling the ad.

"They're caving to religious bigotry," Moore says. On their Facebook page, the DFWCoR is already calling on their members to phone the Angelika and insist the theater honor the group's contract. I have a call into Spotlight Cinema Networks and will update accordingly, when I'm not busy inadvertently ruining atheist Easter some more.

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