Megan Henderson

Who's Being Foxy Concerning Megan Henderson's Potential Call-Up?

Uncle Barky's all over the comings and goings of one Megan Henderson, Good Day co-anchor at KDFW-Channel 4 since August '03. The reason? She's about to jump, or not, to the mothership: the "raw" and "unscripted" and unfortunate Fox & Friends Weekend, where, as Ed noted last month, Henderson sat in for a couple of days during what was or wasn't an audition, depending upon who you ask.

Yesterday Ed sniffed out this Media Bistro TVNewser piece that said, yup, she's leaving Dallas for NYC sooner than later, courtesy the goo-goo eyes of Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes. Said a source: "Roger is very impressed with her skills as a morning anchor." Only, Henderson tells Ed, "Honestly, I don't know what's going on either! This is the first I've heard of any of this." Regardless, it probably ain't the last. What say you, Chris Wallace? The network might make her move, but, really, F&F Weekend is so not a promotion. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Media Bistro's TVNewser today followed Ed's follow by talking to Fox News Channel senior veep Bill Shine, who says, yup, Henderson's got another F&F appearance forthcoming June 6-7. And, yup, she "will have a meeting with Roger when she's here." And they gots big plans for her too. In that case, why stick her on Fox & Friends? Or Fox, for that matter?

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