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Who's On First?

We'll just admit it: We've always had kind of a man crush on Eric Nadel. Can't explain it. And won't.

Happens one night, I figure it's an aberration. But twice in two nights isn't just a trend, it's a characteristic. Book it: Texas Rangers radio broadcasters Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas are bored outta their britches. Oh, yeah, and they're pretty funny.

As I alluded to Tuesday, the two tend to waver slightly off topic when the Rangers are in the midst of another uninspired loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Happened again last night. I tune in for a second -- I know, who's the bored one, right? -- and I swear I heard Nadel pose these two questions to his booth buddy in the 7th inning of Texas’ 11-8 loss:

1. “Have you ever painted your finger nails?”

2. “How old do you think Richard Petty is?”

Gold, pure gold. Rojas' answers, for the record, were “yes” and “about the same as Willie Nelson.”

Reminds me of the days when, going insane during the Mavericks' 11-71 season, radio play-by-play voice Ted Davis used to fill time during 30-point blowouts by reading movie reviews out of the local paper. The good news for Nadel and Rojas: The Rangers are providing plenty of punch lines, like bewildered manager Ron Washington pulling a hammy en route to argue a call at second base. And ridiculously ineffective reliever Scott Feldman pitching on consecutive nights.

It is one big joke, right? --Richie Whitt

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