Why Bernadette Nutall Does Not Support Extending Dallas ISD Trustees' Terms

We already know where Dallas Independent School District trustee Carla Ranger stands on extending DISD trustees'  terms from three years to four. (She's very against it.) But moments ago, as the board finally got 'round to discussing the subject, District 9 trustee Bernadette Nutall made her case against extending the terms:

I thought about it long and hard and prayed about it to see what's best. I understand extension of terms, however I signed up for three years, and I would have liked for us to take it to the voters for a special election and let them decide.

What if Barack Obama wanted to extend his term? What would happen? We'd be outraged. If George W. Bush wanted to extend his term, we'd be outraged.

I work for the public and the people, and they need to determine if they want to see me longer. They might not want me for four years. They might not want me till 2012. But they've got me now.

The board is discussing this right now. Jack Lowe just said he's not for extending terms. Then, he said he supports extending terms. Then, he left. Watch here.

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