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Why the PGA Screwed Texas

Used to be the pros came to town to pay their respects to Byron Nelson. Now, the PGA and its players don't much care about his namesake tournament.

Even us non-golfers knew when the Byron Nelson and Colonial were happening -- and happenin', come to think of it. Used to be they were back-to-back events: one swingin' weekend in Las Colinas; the next, a slightly more refined affair in Fort Worth. But the PGA's busted up the party -- and Sports Illustrated's Art Stricklin wants to know why, especially since the two local tourneys (when combined with the Houston Open, which rounded out the Hole-y Trinity of Texas springtime events) brought in more than $13 million in charitable dough back when the big-time, top-ranked PGA stars got their asses down to the Lone Star State.

Writes Stricklin, who lives in Plano and feels your pain:

Why are so many of the top-ranked pros taking a pass on the Texas swing?

Go back to last year, when with one hand the Tour was patting itself on the back for reaching $1 billion in charitable giving with a yearlong ad campaign called Drive to a Billion (which conveniently concluded at the Tour's own Tour Championship), while with the other it was reworking the 2007 schedule.

The Tour applauded itself for taking Texas's money but returned the favor with four lousy spots on the schedule.

Right now, everyone who cares about this item is out playing golf. Next. --Robert Wilonsky

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