Why, Those Waves Aren't Standing At All

Speaking of the Trinity River Corridor Project ...

When the boy and I visited the Standing Wave -- or The Dallas Wave, as it'll be known -- about a month ago, it had been a long while since it had rained. Kayakers said the Trinity was as low as they'd seen it in a long while. Then came Monday's early-morning storms. The video you see above was taken yesterday by YouTube'r "refidnasb1," who notes that "the Trinity River has completely inundated the lower feature and has reached the top of the upstream feature," making it look almost nothing like it did back in early March.

On the other side, incidentally, are two other new videos posted by the Trinity videographer: a ride along the "Texas Buckeye Trail Great Trinity Forest Dallas Texas" and a look at "Feral pig damage at Dallas Trinity Audubon Center." Why, it's almost like leaving the house.


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