Will Dirk Nowitzki Finish his Career as a Maverick?

It's not exactly Calvin Watkins' expose in Dallas' Only Daily featuring five sources detailing the Cowboys' anarchy at Valley Ranch, but NBA.com's Art Garcia - formerly of your Fort Worth Star-Telegram - stirs your Mavericks' pot a bit this morning.

Garcia writes that Dirk Nowitzki hasn't exactly "connected" with head coach Rick Carlisle and that several of the team's veterans think the head coach's practices "accomplish little."

Oh yeah, and he addresses what a lot of us are fearing more each day: That Dirk is developing a certain peace of mind with finishing his career with a team not named the Dallas Mavericks.

Dirk will make another All-Star team, though he likely won't be a starter when TNT unveils the East and West top five tonight. He's still the league's fifth-leading scorer and the undeniable heart-and-soul of a Mavs' team that is good, but probably not good enough. (Losing to the Milwaukee Bucks by 34 doesn't help matters. WTF?)

The last thing owner Mark Cuban wants to do is trade away the only franchise player he's ever known. (Apparently the Mavs aren't trading Josh Howard for the time being.) Things would have to drastically deteriorate for the possibility to even be seriously considered.

Ideally, Dirk wants to lift a trophy in Dallas. But if  he's traded, he won't be shocked. Or stubborn.

Says Dirk:

"When Nashy left and Fin left, some guys said they would never trade me and I'm untouchable. I said, 'Screw that.' If they can get Kobe tomorrow or Shaq in his prime five or six years ago, you've got to be stupid not to do it. Whatever Cuban wants to do, he's running the show, it's his franchise, he spends a lot of money every year on us, and if they can get better by getting rid of me and want somebody else, have a shot at a franchise player, then just go right ahead."

Personally, I cringe at the thought.


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