With Lake Highlands Rape Suspect Cleared by DNA, Police Investigation Back to Square One

Speaking to reporters yesterday afternoon, Dallas Police Chief David Brown expressed confidence that the department had already solved the first of a string of three Lake Highlands rapes. The suspect was Fernando Munoz, 33, who police believed had broken into a Ferndale Road home in the early hours of February 22 and raped the woman who lived there.

Now, even that has slipped away. At a press conference this afternoon, Brown announced that DNA evidence collected from that crime scene does not match that of Munoz. Since he was already in jail when the March 15 and 19 rapes occurred, police are back to square one.

That's not to say that Brown doesn't think Munoz is a rapist. On the contrary, Munoz is linked to three earlier rape cases. It was the similarity between those attacks and the Ferndale Road incident that first led police to pin the latter crime on Munoz.

It just means that police now have three unsolved rapes rather than two.

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Eric Nicholson
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