Woe, Canada

First those hosers take out our hockey team. Now comes word that Toronto’s basketball coach has beaten out ours for NBA Coach of the Year. What’s next -- a Canadian winning American Idol? It’s not like an official rule or anything, but can you win an honor if you live in a city where they spell it "honour"? Discuss.

Raptors coach Sam Mitchell is a swell guy. I spent some time with him last summer doing a story on Dallas homeboy and Raptors star Chris Bosh. But coach of the year? C’mon.

More than anything else, the Mavs’ Avery Johnson didn’t win the award again this year because, well, there’s never been a back-to-back winner. (Mitchell got a total of 394 points from basketball writers and broadcasters, while Utah's Jerry Sloan had 301 points, followed by Johnson with 268.)

Which brings us, in no way, around to the Dallas Stars, first-round playoff losers for the third straight season. But, for a change, don’t bring that Marty Turco whiney-ass crap in here. Included in the thimble full of hockey knowledge I’ve amassed during this series is the fact that if you don’t score, it’s extremely difficult to win.

The Stars won three games in the best-of-seven series, each time thanks to a Turco shutout. The goalie held Vancouver scoreless for 165:45, and Dallas still found a way to lose. In other words, when Vancouver scored, it won. Friggin’ ridiculous, eh? --Richie Whitt

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