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Woman Claims She Suffered Third Degree Burns to Her Ass at Cowboys Stadium, Sues Jerry Jones

Outside Cowboys Stadium, near entrance E, is a black, marble bench. As things that are black and marble tend to do, the bench gets hot when exposed to the summer sun. Jennelle Carrillo says she discovered this the hard way when, on August 10, 2010, she sat down to wait for the start of the Blue & Silver Scrimmage.

The bench proceeded to sear the flesh of Carrillo's ass, like a pork chop in a red-hot skillet. The burns were bad enough that she had to go to the hospital and, later, spent a week in Parkland for skin grafts. To answer your question: yes. She was fully clothed.

Carrillo then did what any right-thinking Cowboys fan would: She blamed Jerry Jones.

In a lawsuit filed last week against Jones, the Dallas Cowboys, and a handful of related entities, she claimed they created a dangerous environment that led to her injury and mental anguish. (The suit was first reported yesterday by the Star-Telegram)

"No signs were posted at or near the bench warning that it was too hot for persons to sit on nor was the bench roped off to prevent persons from sitting on it," the suit says.

The suit does not specify damages but seeks payment for "physical pain and mental anguish, reasonable and necessary medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, (and) disfigurement."

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