Woodbelly to Ink With Sony?

Cas Haley, the second place finisher on America’s Got Talent, swears he’s happy he didn’t finish first. Otherwise he’d have been ground in the gears of ye ol’ reality TV machine. Turns out, No. 2 is a pretty sweet victory anyway: This morning on the Ticket’s Dunham & Miller show, Haley announced that his band, Dallas Observer Music Award winner Woodbelly, is indeed the lucky recipient of a Sony record deal that Haley expects to have signed in the next two months. Only, because of his high profile now, Haley suggested the band may no longer be called Woodbelly but perhaps Cas Haley & Woodbelly.

Somebody may wanna call the New Bohemians or Scandal (yeah, that’s a bona fide Patty Smyth reference right there, folks) and ask how that worked out. Just remember kids, it’s all about the points. — Robert Wilonsky

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