Dallas Cowboys

Wowboys 38, Seahags 17: My Top 10 Observations.

10. Ten. That's how many Cowboys caught passes Sunday. Of the players eligible to be a receiver, only Tashard Choice got shut out.

9. Halloween hangover. The end of Daylight Savings Time. Whatever. Something weird was going on at Cowboys Stadium, for I coulda swore I saw Bobby Carpenter make a play. A sack even. His first in 37 games.

8. From their neon green uniform trim, to open receivers falling down, to back-to-back defensive offside penalties to having 12 men in the huddle, the Seahawks, well, um, they suck.

7. On a perfect day, I thought it was a strange decision to not open the roof. Owner Jerry Jones said it was to minimize the effects of the sun. With the glass doors open at each end, it felt kinda like having the moon roof tilted open but the convertible closed up top.

6. Saw a lanky kid I thought I recognized meandering through the west plaza Sunday morning before the game. And when he finally came over to our 105.3 The Fan radio booth, I recognized the guy in the No. 28 Felix Jones jersey as none other than Texas Rangers' pitcher Derek Holland.

5. Miles Austin is for real. Head coach Wade Phillips said all week that two games was a trend but three was consistency and Austin's five catches for 61 yards and another touchdown gave him the most productive first three starts in NFL history. He's also the inglorious owner of the worst touchdown celebration in NFL history, with his planned dunk over the goal post crossbar wilting into a not-quite-up-there delicate flip.

4. I'll now take comments from the irrationally stubborn Terrell Owens supporters who kept contending that "T.O. made Romo!" In his last three games Romo has thrown for 918 yards with eight touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Yoohoo, you clowns still out there?

3. Since Romo bobbled the snap of what would've been Martin Grammatica's game-winning 19-yard field goal in Seattle on Jan. 6, 2007, the Cowboys have outscored the Seahawks 72-30 in two games. Hardly makes up for it, though, huh?

2. When the offense has produced 61 points the last two games and rolled up the third-most yards in franchise history through seven games something has to be clicking. But Romo-to-Roy Williams isn't working. Since Romo is clearly in sync with Austin and Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten, it's confounding why he can't consitently connect with Williams. We heard all off-season how the two worked extra at OTAs, minicamp and training camp. But something's going on, and everybody sees it. "You can still see Roy and Tony are not on the same page," said Phillips. Added Williams, who caught a touchdown but only two balls for 19 yards while getting booed at Cowboys Stadium: "I have no clue ... One of these days the light switch will click on." Gotta blame Williams. He's had drops. He's run half-ass routes. He's caught only 14 of 37 balls thrown his way this season, by far the worst percentage of any NFL receiver.

1. 5-2 is a nice record and all, but in the post-game locker room Jerry Jones was the first to bring up the most prominent number heading into next weekend's showdown in Philadelphia - 44-6.

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