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Yes, We are "Freewheeling." And Free-Balling. Hey, Tomorrow's Election Day. We're Jacked.

And wouldn't you just know it. If you want a glimmer of the actual truth about our fair city, all you have to do is read an actual newspaper: today's New York Times. In the National Report, correspondent Ralph Blumenthal has a very nicely put together story about Laura Miller as she leaves office. It mentions the Trinity petition drive, includes a photo of Angela Hunt and even talks about the Dallas Observer:

A current uproar is over the future of the Trinity River park project for flood control and recreation, which has yet to see any of the sailboat ponds and aesthetic bridges that were promised to voters in 1998. A toll road through the park’s flood control levees is under growing attack by critics, including the Dallas Observer, the free -- and freewheeling -- weekly newspaper where Ms. Miller last worked as a journalist.

A first-term councilwoman, Angela Hunt, whom the Observer likened to an early crusading Laura Miller, is collecting signatures for a ballot measure in November to kill the toll road, which was intended to relieve traffic congestion and provide revenue to build the park. Ms. Miller, who admits to doubts about how the road has grown, says that eliminating it entirely would doom the park as well.

Those are all things we would never expect from Pravda, would we? --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.