Yesterday's Cry Was But One of Many Great Days in Randy Neugebauer History

First we didn't know who shouted "Baby Killer!" at Rep. Bart Stupak last night, during the health care debate. Joe Barton knew, but he wasn't talking. Then, we found out: It was Lubbock's own Rep. Randy Neugebauer, which, according to Jim anyway, sounded familiar.

Neugebauer. Neugebauer. Neugebauer. (Also: It's fun to say.)

Schutze just knew he'd heard that name before. And so off to the Nexis database he went -- clearly, he's got a column due and is procrastinating. And so, after the jump, you'll find what he likes to call Great Moments in History with Randy Neugebauer. One in a series of one. Collect 'em all.

Great Moments in History with Randy Neugebauer by Jim Schutze

November 21, 2008: Randy Neugebauer, Republican congressman from Lubbock, Texas, opposes bail-out for American auto industry: "I am not convinced that further government spending will address the issues of these struggling automotive companies or our economy."

February 19, 2009: Neugebauer opposes mortgage relief: "I remain concerned that the government could be rewarding borrowers and lenders who made poor investment decisions at the expense of families who made responsible decisions."

February 21, 2009: Neugebauer attacks Obama administration for proposing stimulus spending. "They never were selling the plan. They were selling fear."

April 15, 2009: Neugebauer compares President Obama to England's King George III: "We've got the government picking winners and losers in the economy. That's exactly what the king of England was doing, picking winners and losers based on who they were."

May 20, 2009: Neugebauer opposes Obama's proposed fuel efficiency standards: "I believe the administration cannot continue to tinker with the economy and enact standards that will place greater burden on hardworking Americans, stifle the economy and hinder an already struggling automotive industry."

June 26, 2009: Federal Election Commission rules that Neugebauer may pay himself for the use of his own private yacht, harbored in the Washington area, for parties to raise political donations for himself. "The congressman appreciates today's ruling from the FEC and will abide by the guidelines that have been put forth," says Chanda Allen, campaign spokeswoman.

June 30, 2009: Neugebauer is one of three Texas Congressional members to sponsor bill requiring presidential candidates to prove they were born in America -- the so-called Birther Bill. MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olbermann awards Neugebauer a "Worst Person in the World" award. "The people that elected you are obviously idiots," Olbermann says on his show.

August 17, 2009: Despite disavowals by members of his own party, Neugebar continues to support claim that President Obama wants to create "death panels" to kill old people. "This is yet another example of the terrible flaws in this legislation," Neugebauer says.

August 28, 2009: Neugebauer announces $250,000 fund-raising goal to knock off liberal incumbents. "All sorts of people have come up and asked me, 'What can we do to stop a lot of the things going on in our country?'"

September 6, 2009: Neugebauer supports parents who want schools to be prohibited from playing speech by President of United States on public address systems and television stations. "He also encourages parents to stay involved in their children's education," says Michelle Ozanus, spokeswoman.

September 17, 2009: Neugebauer introduces bill to ban any federal funds for ACORN, a liberal community organizing group. "The American taxpayers are tired of having their hard-earned tax dollars used to fund this questionable organization," he says.

October 4, 2009: Roll Call, newspaper covering Capitol Hill, names Neugebauer Congress's 46th richest member with a net worth of $5.91 million.

December 12, 2009: Neugebauer blasts proposal to lift national debt limit in order to keep government in operation. Holding his congressional electronic voting card in the air, he says, "We need to lower limit on this credit card."

December 17, 2009: Neugebauer assures newspaper in Lubbock that he supports continued funding of national "Pell" grants for students. "We must allocate our resources in the most efficient way possible."

January 28, 2010: Neugebauer attacks President for proposing a freeze on federal spending. "If the president and Democrat leaders in Congress are serious about reining in soaring deficits and debt, they should freeze spending at the level from two years ago."

February 21, 2010: Neugebauer criticizes efforts of Federal Aviation Administration to solve problem of electrical interference with landing system at Lubbock Airport during recent storms. He says FAA officials did solve problem, but, "They weren't doing a good job of communicating."

March 6, 2010: National Journal magazine says Neugebauer is tied with five other Republican representatives as most conservative based on House voting records.

March 16, 2010: Neugebauer's office informs local newspaper that Abilene will receive $175,000 in federal funds for flood control study, $300,000 for the biotechnology accelerator and $200,000 for the city bus facilities.

March 22, 2010: Neugebauer says he shouted "baby killer" during speech by anti-abortion Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak. "I deeply regret that my actions were mistakenly interpreted as a direct reference to Congressman Stupak himself."

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