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Yet Another Dallas ISD Teacher Gets Caught Swearing at Students on Video, Is Fired

Memo to Dallas ISD teachers: The kids you are teaching have smartphones. They are more than willing to record you. Do not say anything profane or threatening to them when you can't see their hands.

For the second time since the beginning of March, a video of a Dallas instructor profanely threatening a student or group of students has fallen into the all too willing hands of FOX 4.

"If you want to fuck with me, I'll show you what time it is in Detroit, fucking Michigan right fucking now," Mark Schaefer told Skyline High School junior Eric Malone during algebra class.

Schaefer also confirmed on video that he'd previously threatened Malone's father, saying he would, "put a cap in him" if he came to the school.

Needless to say, Dallas ISD says Schaefer will not be allowed to substitute for the district again.

"The behavior of the substitute was completely inappropriate. We have much higher expectations for our staff. Apologies were issued to the impacted students. Parents who are still concerned about the incident are encouraged to contact the school," the district said.

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