YMCA Miami-Dallas Wager Worth Your Time

Several Friends of Unfair Park have sent a heads-up about a particular wager over Mavs-Heat -- no, not the governors' cheapskate bet, but this what-the pitting Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas against Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski. Stone crabs and cigars, tortillas and pecan pie -- now that's more like it.

And it reminds me, I guess: This morning, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas announced that it's squaring off against its Dade County counterpart, hoping to attract fans to its just-launched Facebook page while also raising dough to send kiddos to summer camp. (Oh, summer camp. How I miss you.) Anyway. Do it for the kids. And because it gives me a chance to post a "trailer" for Camp Grady Spruce on the other side. Oh, Camp Grady Spruce. How I miss you too.


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