You Better, You Bust

Michael Farber at just posted a great piece about Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco, the amazing regular-season netminder who always seems to choke in the post-season. Love the opening-paragraph anecdote:

The food was exquisite, the evening historic. On the March night that Mike Modano became the second U.S.-born player to score 500 goals, several Stars congregated for a celebratory supper in a swank Dallas restaurant. While Modano dined with some teammates and friends at a long table in the center of the room, the Stars' No. 1 goalie, Marty Turco, who hadn't played in the game but had thumped the plexiglass behind the bench with gusto after the milestone goal, sat at a satellite table with his wife, his agent, his sister and her husband. "You should send a bottle of wine over to Mike," said Turco's wife, Kelly.

Keep reading. It gets better. --Robert Wilonsky


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